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Active Line 1.2

Active Line is a visual command line and convenient expression calculator. You may enter web sites addresses, programs with parameters, mathematical expressions and other commands.

What's New (v1.2 - October, 2001):
  • Two configurable hotkeys (Ctrl+Alt+A - open Active Line, Ctrl+Alt+C - calculate clipboard).
  • Option dialog is improved.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.
Main features:
  • Command line (e.g. enter c:\pkunzip.exe or
  • Expression calculator (e.g. enter 1+5*(3-1.4))
  • Computer management (e.g. enter Open CD)
  • User commands (e.g. create command for your favourite game)
Other features include autocompleting of familiar lines, system-tray menu, options, clipboard manipulations.
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The program required Win95/98/ME or WinNT/2000.

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