Big Crocodile Features
Main Features of our advanced password keeper

Password keeper (Logins, Passwords, URLs, Applications and Comments)
Password information can be stored and edited with this easy to use password keeper. Passwords can be copied to the Clipboard and pasted into other login programs. Web sites and application can be run.

Password folders
You can create folders for the accounts. You can copy or cut accounts and folders to the secure clipboard, paste from the secure clipboard, delete. This hierarchical database raises productivity of your work.

"Auto-entry" technology
Big Crocodile can automatically insert the passwords into the windows that require them.

"Hot Password" technology
Use three magic hot keys to easily insert current password information into other applications or web sites.

Random password generator
Big Crocodile will create alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric password of user-defined lengths. Passwords can be generated in lowercase or mixed cases. You can create or change up to 1000 passwords in a single execution.

Professional encryption algorithm
Big Crocodile data files are stored in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and viewing them. Our password keeper used the IVSS4096 encryption algorithm. IVSS4096 is a powerful commercial algorithm. "Big Crocodile Password Recovery" is impossible !

Multiuser interface
Several persons can work on single computer. Each person can have one or several Big Crocodile files.

Other features
Backup options, command line support, export and import (MS Excel, XML), system-tray support etc.

Just few sentences. New version of Network Password Manager , our multiuser (client-server) password management software for your enterprise.

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