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Once you have got your search results you may want to take various actions. Manage found files right from Effective File Search \ Explorer Native interface.

Copy shortcuts - copies shortcuts (names of files in results list)

Delete shortcuts - removes names of files from results list

Copy files - copies file(s) to Windows clipboard. Copied files can than be pasted into any folder on your system. This is similar to selecting a file in Explorer and pressing Ctrl-C to copy it to clipboard.

Copy to folder - copies selected file(s) to user-defined folder.

Move to folder - moves selected file(s) to user-defined folder.

Rename files - brings up a rename files selection pop up menu

Lower case -
renames file(s) to all lower case letters (i.e. FILENAME or FIleNaMe to filename)
Upper case -
renames file(s) to all upper case letters (i.e. filename or FIleNaMe to FILENAME)
Such renaming is important when transfering files to case-sensitive operating systems such as Unix

Delete files - brings up a delete files pop up menu

Recycle bin - deletes a file to Recycle bin (deleted file can be restored by means of Windows Recycle bin). A confirmation may be asked by Windows standard file deletion routine;

Normal - deletes a file without placing it to Recycle bin (file cannot be restored by means of Windows Recycle bin).

Statistics - brings up selected files statistics window. Information contained in statistics window represents total size and number of files selected as well as total size and number of files in results list.

Select all - selects all files in results list

Invert selection - inverts the selection by marking previously selected files as non-selected and vice versa

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