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Containing Text Search Options

Containing text options tab is used to define what exactly to search within given files.

Text line - enables searching of files containing given text string.

  • Case sensitive - enables conducting letter case sensitive searches (when this option is set 'EASTER', 'Easter' and 'easter' are three different words);
  • Whole words - if set, this option influences searching by placing files to results list only if they contain the whole string (if it is not set, 'Eas' text search string will return all files containing 'Eas' substring, not necessesarily the whole word 'Easter');
  • Unicode - set this option to be able to search for text strings in unicode files (such as all Microsoft Office documents);
  • RegEx - recognizes regular expressions in the search string;

    Hex code - enables searching of files containing given hexademical code (binary).

    Logical search operators

    Logical search operators are used to form multiple text \ hex code search criteria. AND unites two logical conditions, while OR makes any of them count. XOR reverses the logical operation. NOT is exactly what it sounds like.
    In example search depicted on the screenshot we want to find all the files containing word "Easter" OR "Father's Day" AND NOT those containg "Christmas".

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