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EFS File Menu

Effective File Search File menu provides interface to saving search results and options as well as other files related operations.

Open - opens the EFS file and places the results of previous search to the results window

Save - saves the contents of results window to EFS file

Export - brings up a data export target selection pop up menu

List of files - exports the search results to a text (.txt) file (each line of text in this file represents the full path to a file found);
Table of results - exports the search results to a comma separated values (.csv) file. This format is used by many applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to share data. Each line of text in this file represents one file found and has the following format:
    "filename.ext","Path to file","size in bytes","date and time","file type";
Batch file - exports the search results to a batch (.bat) file (each line in this file represents the command). In the command the following variables may be used: <file> - full file name, <name> - file name without extension, <folder> - file folder, <ext> - file extension.

Open parameters - opens the EFS search parameters file (.efsp) sets the search options accordingly

Save parameters - saves current search options to EFS search parameters file (.efsp) for further use. You may specify which of search options to save in a window that appears.

Execute - executes the system command currently associated with the file selected in
results list. This has the same effect as double-clicking a file in results list.

Open file as - brings up a custom file association pop up menu

_custom_name_ (user defined name) - the pop up menu consists of user defined possible file assoiciations (i.e. a text file can be opened both with Notepad and Microsoft Word)
Configure... - brings up the 'Open file as configuration' window

Use this window to edit current and add new custom file associations. Press the ADD button to add a new program. In a window that appears type in a title for this association (this title will be shown in 'Open file as' pop up menu).

Press OK. After this is done you should press the [...] button next to the 'Program' field and browse for executable (.exe) file of the program that should be used for opening files. Now, the last step is to specify parameters. Usually 'file' is the only parameter you need, however in some cases additional command line parameters may be required.

To delete an item from 'Open file as' pop up menu highlite its title in 'Configure Open file as' window and press Delete. If you want to rename an item select it in configuration window and press Rename.

Open folder - opens a folder that contains the currently selected file in results list

Exit - closes Effective File Search application

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