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Main Search Options

Main search options tab is used to define what and where to search.

Name - defines file(s) name(s) to search. You may use filename wildcards (* and ?) to specify files to search.
* - substitutes any part of the filename (*.txt means all files that have .txt extension)
? - substitutes any symbol in filename (Easte?.txt)
Various combinations of wildcards can be used (e.g. East??.* or *.tx?)

You may use the following logical expressions:
1) "filename1" "filename2" - search for filename1 or filename2
2) "filename1" +"filename2" - search for filename1 and filename2
3) "filename1" -"filename2" - search for filename1 and not filename2
Example: -"*.doc" - search for all files except Word documents

Folder - defines folder (or drive) to search files on.
Local hard drives - designates all hard drives found on the local machine as a search place.
X:\ - specifies the X drive to conduct search on.
To specify exact folder to search in you should press Browse and point to the needed folder in the folders tree.

Folders - defines a number of folders (or drives) to search files on.

  • To add a folder to Folders list select a folder in Folder field and press the Add button.
  • To remove a folder from Folders list select the folder in the list and press Delete.
  • To clear Folders list for good press Clear

    Include subdirectories - if this option is set all sub-folders (or sub-directories) that lie in search folder(s) will also be searched for files (e.g. both C:\Easter and C:\Easter\2002 will be searched for files).

    Search in - controls the search location(s) choice.
  • To search for files on location specified in Folder field set this to Folder.
  • To search for files on location(s) specified in Folders list set this to Folders.
  • To search for files on locations specified both in Folder field and in Folders list set this to Folder + Folders.
  • To search for files in results of previous search set this to Results.

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