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Program Options

Effective File Search is allows flexible configuration. Set the program options to achieve maximally customized search results and most convenient working environment.

Case sensitive - if checked, filenames will be searched basing on letter case (i.e. Easter.txt and eAster.Txt wil be considered two different filenames)

Find folders - if checked, folder names matching search criteria will be placed to results list together with file names

Save window size - if checked, EFS main window size will be saved on exit and restored on next program launch

Date Format - this group of switches defines the date format

Date Only - date output only (e.g. 06/25/2002)
Date + Hour:Min - date, hour and minute output (e.g. 06/25/2002 : 11:24)
Date + Hour:Min:Sec - date, hour, minute and second output (e.g. 06/25/2002 : 11:24:15)
Windows locale - date will be shown as defined in your Windows operating system local settings

Administration - brings up the administration window shown below:

Black list of drives and folders is filled manually (one full path per line). Each line represents path to drive or folder that should be excluded from searching. This is usually done for security purposes by administrator of machine. Settings are stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SOW\EFS\Policy registry key. Use Microsoft Windows administrative tools to protect this key (set read-only access for users).

Storage of application settings option is provided for high level of security systems that either do not allow modifying system registry (even the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key subkeys) or prohibit writing files on disk. So there is an alternative: