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EFS Results List

Results window represents a list of found files. Let us have a look at its columns:

Name - contains a filename

Folder - contains the full path to folder containing the file

Size - contains the size of a file found in bytes

Date - contains a the date of last file modification

Ext - contains a filename extension (type)

After the search is complete you can perform various tasks on found items. Generaly results list is Explorer-like folder. So you can perform the following standard Explorer tasks:

  • Single click a file to select it
  • Double click a file to open it with default associated program
  • Right-click a file to bring default Explorer file context menu (similar to right-clicking a file in any folder of Explorer)
  • Left click and drag a file to any folder \ location move it to location where dropped
  • Ctrl + Left click and drag a file to any folder \ location copy it to location where dropped

    Effective File Search makes a set of other actions available for files in results list. Among those are creation and deletion of shortcuts, files copying \ renaming \ deletion etc. See Actions menu topic of help for details.

    Also the results of search can be saved to a text file or exported to data interchange file using Effective File Search File menu.

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