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Working with Effective File Search

Step 1: Set program options

Effective File Search allows flexible configuration. Set the program options to achieve maximally customized search results and most convenient working environment.

Step 2: Set search options

Effective File Search is extremely easy to use. The application features intuitive interface to help you start searching files in seconds. Learn using EFS powerful search options

Step 3: Press the Search button

Enjoy the fastest file search based on your extended criteria. Once the search is over view the results.

Step 4: Manage found files

Once you have got your search results you may want to take various actions. Manage found files right from Effective File Search \ Explorer Native interface.

Step 5: Save your search configuration to a file

You will not have to complete all of these steps once again. Just save your search configuration to a file, so that you can restore it in future and let EFS know about your searching habits. Learn how to use File menu to save your time and search effectively!

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