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General information
Overview, features, requirements
Ordering information
Support and contacts
Installation and configuring
Installing and configuring
Getting started
Basic terminology
Getting started
Hot keys
Security properties
Managing data
Managing folders
Managing records
Inserting passwords into web pages
Program options
Password generator
Program options
Ordering information

Ordering information

You can buy Network Password Manager by completing our secure online order form. You can also make your purchase by FAX, postal mail, phone or purchase order. All prices are in US dollars. Note: You can place net-30 orders via FAX.

Note: We offer free minor upgrades (v3.0 - v3.X) for registered users. Just download the latest trial release and install it without uninstalling the previous version. This will preserve your registration. If the registration code is no longer present on your system, just re-enter it as you did the first time and restart the program. We offer 50% discount for major upgrades (v2.X - v3.X).

Basic packages

Small Server license ($249)
1 server and up to 5 users

Small Server Plus ($449)
1 server and up to 10 users

Enterprise Server license ($999)
1 server and up to 25 users

Enterprise Server Plus ($1749)
1 server and up to 50 users

Custom packages

Please to ask about custom packages (for example, 1 server and up to 150 users).

If you have any sales questions, please contact us at

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