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General information
Overview, features, requirements
Ordering information
Support and contacts
Installation and configuring
Installing and configuring
Getting started
Basic terminology
Getting started
Hot keys
Security properties
Managing data
Managing folders
Managing records
Inserting passwords into web pages
Program options
Password generator
Program options
Support and contacts

Technical support

If you encounter problems or find a possible bug, please inform our technical support staff. We will gladly help you as soon as possible. Before writing, please read the entire help file as it may already contain the answer to your question. Also we recommend that you visit our home page http://www.sowsoft.com. Here you can find more information about Network Password Manager and download the latest versions of our products. If a serious bug has been found in the program but the new version is not ready yet, we may be able to write a quick fix for it. If you have any questions or comments about Network Password Manager or suggestions for improvement, feel free to contact us.

How to contact us

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