Password Managers for home and office
Password Management Software for Windows

Everyone, from photo album web sites to cellular companies use passwords as keys to allow legitimate users access the encrypted transmission. This in turn causes an average person have dozens and even hundreds of passwords. And the overall number of passwords is increasing rapidly.

At some point we all understand that we cannot memorize them all and we require secure digital password storing solution.

Read about our password managers, specially designed to store all your password related information (passwords, logins, URLs, serial numbers, files etc.) in a securely encrypted database:

Big Crocodile - handy password manager for home users. This program is very easy to use. You can easily insert the passwords into the windows that require them.

Network Password Manager - multiuser password manager for office workers. NPM is a program created especially for the enterprise. It helps employees to safely store and use passwords within the company, manage passwords and set access rights.

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Just few sentences. New version of Effective File Search , our excellent file search software for Windows.

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