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Dear Colleagues!

Human life is too short to be wasted on trifles. We agree that sometimes we have to spend much time on routine, which includes compiling a catalogue (classifying, rubricating) of library and Web resources.

I am Vladimir Polyakov, a Russian scientist, lecturer and journalist. I research into computational linguistics and artificial intelligence. On dealing with electronic texts, I realized that the problem of automatic classification remains partly unsolved. Why have a computer if it can't solve such an easy problem from the point of view of the human intelligence?!

We spent three years looking for the best text classification method and its implementation technology. And finally, fortune smiled on us. We found a text classification method, which combined linguistic knowledge stored in dictionaries and expert's experience in the object domain.

In 2001, Vladimir Sinitsin, my post-graduate student, developed a program, which we called Rubryx. Today hundreds of librarians all over the world can use this program. We ask you to join the Rubryx community.

Now Rubryx is a freeware program. You can use it without any limitations.

Best regards,
Dr. Vladimir Polyakov.

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