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[+] Some features or functionality added
[*] Improved or changed feature
[-] Bug fixed or feature no more available


Version 3.2 February, 9, 2007.

 [+] User interface: visual improvements

 [*] Global code optimization

Version 3.1 March, 20, 2006.

 [+] New option: disable task manager

 [-] Fixed bug: transparent unlock window and Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Tab keys

Version 3.0 April, 22, 2004.

 [+] Unlock window: transparent mode

 [+] New option: remind before system lock

 [*] Several small improvements

Version 2.85 January, 9, 2004.

 [*] Several small improvements

 [-] Problem with some passwords

Version 2.80 October, 23, 2003.

 [+] Ability to execute programs after 'lock' or 'unlock' events

 [*] Many small improvements

 [-] Fixed several minor bugs

Version 2.70 Jule, 21, 2003.

 [+] Global hot keys for instant access to System Locker
     functions from any programs

 [+] Options dialog: hot key manager

 [*] Options dialog: added hints

 [-] Problem with uninstall shortcut

Version 2.60 June, 16, 2003.

 New product name - Active System Locker.

 [+] Added Windows XP themes support

 [*] Global code optimization

Version 2.50 November, 15, 2002.

 This is new branch of System Locker product

 [+] Added Windows 2000 and Windows XP support

 More features about managing system security
 will be added soon.

Version 2.40 January, 06, 2002.
This is major update of System Locker

[+] EGTDirect (program receives information,
     news and latest updates from Internet)
[+] Log-file export available (CSV, TXT, HTML formats)
[*] Log-file supports event type information, displays
    the corresponding icon, allows sorting (ascending
    and descending) of the events.
[*] XP-style icons for all the menus and windows
[-] Reminder feature did not work on some machines
[-] Shutdown feature did not allow to turn PC off
     smoothly on some systems

Version 2.25 November, 2001.
[+] Program is not visible in program list and could
    be closed only by the owner
[+] Lock-on-idle feature (screensaver-like option)!
[*] It is very easy for you to set up your timers now
[*] Log-view interface improvement
[*] 24-h time period is now fully supported by System Locker

Version 2.10 Jule, 2001.
[+] System is protected from loading in SAFE mode
[*] Ask password on exit feature (combined with
     Ask password on entering "Options" screen)
[*] Improved registration procedure. It is more reliable and
    simplified now.
[-] Bug fixed - Pressing "Alt-F4" when:
    - System is locked
    - Correct password is entered into corresponding field
    - Unlock button is disabled
    ... caused System Locker to unlock the workstation.

Version 2.00 March, 2001.
This is major update of System Locker

[+] Full html-style help available
[+] Audit feature
[+] Reminder feature
[+] Poweroff feature
[+] Scheduling
[*] Warning sound
[*] Protection from brute-force password

Read help for description of this

Version 1.12f March, 2001.
[-] Password change bug fixed.
    Users were not allowed to change password
    in unregistered version of System Locker.

Version 1.11 February, 2001.
[+] Help file added,
[*] Small interface improvements.

Version 1.01 February, 2001.
[+] This is the initial release of EGTSOFT System Locker.

Version 1.00 January, 2001.
    This is prerelease version of EGTSOFT System Locker.
    It is not available for downloading.