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Password selection tips

It is extremely important to use well-designed passwords not only with System Locker but almost with any kind of software.

Please, take in mind the following consideration when choosing the password you wish to use with System Locker:

Active System Locker password is used for unlocking workstation and, optionally, for accessing Options screen. Please carefully keep your password for System Locker. It is very important. Without this password you will not be able to access your workstation and Options screen.

System Locker password is case sensitive, so always enter the  password exactly as you originally assigned it. For example the following are different passwords:

  • abcdefgh
  • AbCDefgH

Sowsoft, LLC recommends:

  • The optimum password length is 8-10 symbols.

Passwords that are less then 7 symbols can be easily worked out and so do not provide enough security. Passwords that contain 11 symbols or more could not be thoroughly kept in mind (especially if they are not used very often).

  • Use random passwords.

Using random passwords such as ds45fgSDF is very effective. It is difficult for the third persons to guess, what password is being used.

  • Use mixed passwords.

It's a good idea to mix alphabet symbols (a..z, A..Z), numerals (0..9) and special symbols (such as !, _, (, ), and so on). This simple rule will raise the overall security level of access to your private information, data files, etc.

  • Do NOT use the names of your children, parents, friends, home animals, dates of their birthdays as your password.