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Using System Locker
What is System Locker
Quick start and tutorial
Additional tuning
Password selection tips
Preventing Computer-Related Injuries
Computer-related risk factors
How System Locker can help me?
Support and Registration
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License Agreement

Quick start and tutorial

System Locker is intelligent software. It requires minimum initial tuning. This section describes how you can start using System Locker.

To start using your copy of System Locker please follow this simple steps:

  1. Uninstall previous version of System Locker (if any)
  2. Install System Locker
  3. Configure System Locker
    • Start System Locker
    • Select File from main menu then choose Options
    • Select Password tab and specify your password by clicking Change password button
      • Specify blank password (or "") as Old Password, then enter New password as new password and Confirm password as confirmation of your new password
      • Press Ok button to confirm password change
    • In Password tab specify hint string (the default hint string is empty) by typing the appropriate data in Enter hint string field
    • Confirm the changes you have made by pressing Ok button
  4. Now you can lock your personal computer by pressing the Lock key in main window of System Locker

  5. Select File then choose View Log File... if you want to check System Locker's log file records or clear System Locker's log file