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Unregistered version has the following restrictions:

  • is functional 30 days only
  • does not support Scheduling feature
  • does not protect program from closing by Task Manager (in other words unregistered program contains a workaround path for intruders)
  • log-file size is limited to 100 events (records).

Advantages of being the registered user:

  • Fully functional version of the program (all restrictions are disabled).
  • Unlimited free program updates by obtaining the right to use ALL future System Locker releases.
  • Encourage the company to further develop and improve System Locker, making possible new releases.
  • You may use System Locker in commercial and other environments.
  • E-mail and World Wide Web support.

For information about our actual costs look here. If you would like to buy Site License, please write to

Please, read file "License.txt", that comes with your package if you need additional information. You can also ask our support staff directly by writing a letter.

Registration procedure

  • Visit, select the appropriate license type and fill in the registration form.
  • Upon receipt of your registration fee with the completed registration form you will receive a registration key which will correspond to the registration information (your name and organization) given in the registration form.
  • Open the attached key file in your E-mail client (probably this will look like pointing to the attach name with the mouse cursor and then double-clicking on it).
  • Answer "Yes" to the request for adding the registration information into the Windows's registry. After that you'll see the following message:
          "Information in slocker.key has been successfully entered into the
  • Then run Active System Locker and you will find your name in the "About System Locker..." dialog.


    This procedure will register Active System Locker.

    All shareware restrictions are automatically removed from registered version of the program.