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Searching computer to find necessary files is a rather common procedure that every PC user performs repeatedly, perhaps, daily. Most of us use standard built-in Windows solution for this task (Find and/or Windows Explorer). And for most simple searches it works great; however, it frequently fails or is inadequate when performing complex searching tasks.

Naturally, there is a desire to have more advanced and powerful file searching application with extended capabilities that would look and work just like built-in solution from Microsoft. Then you would be able operate such software without any additional training. Well, this software exists and the name says it all - Effective File Search.

The main idea behind Effective File Search (EFS) is to give computer user a more advanced file searching alternative than the standard solution that comes with your Windows OS. We've designed EFS to include all features of the standard solution and have added many unique features that users need to make EFS the most advanced file searching application available on the market today.

Effective File Search supports file search for files located on your hard-drive, floppy-drive, CD, network, etc. You can set filters when searching files (date, size, keywords, or any other file parameter.) You can even search through text files to find the ones that contain necessary keywords, sentences or paragraphs. After each search, all relevant files will be presented in the list form. You can perform number of operations on the files from that list - open, rename, copy, or delete file(s).

Some users have to perform identical or similar searches several times each day. For those users we've created search templates where you can save the parameters you use repeatedly. This saves time and increases performance. Once you create custom templates, you will be able to perform searches of any complexity with just a few mouse clicks.

The features of this great software are too numerous to list. In addition to search-related options, EFS supports different export formats and contains administrative settings. These allow Effective File Search to be used not only by home users and small businesses, but by IT departments of large corporations with hundreds of computers as well.

Effective File Search v. 6.8.1 runs under Windows XP/Vista/7/2000/2003/9X/NT. You can download Effective File Search from http://www.sowsoft.com.

Just few sentences. New version of Effective File Search , our excellent file search software for Windows.

Note: Our search tool based on very fast and accurate TextLib document processing components (pdf2text, doc2text, xls2text, ppt2text and rtf2text).

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